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House Cleaning Tips for the Winter Season

House Cleaning Tips for the Winter Season

Trying to keep the family from getting sick with the flu this season? What to know helpful house cleaning tips on how to disinfect the home and prevent the spread of germs?

cleanAccording to an article at blog.allstate.com, “Household Cleaning Tips”

“Flu season is in full swing. What can you do to help prevent the spread of germs within your home? If someone in your home has the flu, there are steps you can take to help prevent spreading the virus to each member of the family.

Start With Clean Hands

You may scrub every inch of your home as hard as you can, but if you don’t start with clean hands, those germs could quickly return. Flu.gov says you should wash your hands frequently with an alcohol-based hand rub or soapy water to help prevent the spread of the flu. When washing with water, Parenting Magazine notes it’s important to scrub your hands together, as it’s the friction that causes the germs to wash away. If you are using hand sanitizer, the magazine says it needs to contain at least 60 percent alcohol to be effective.

Disinfect the Germiest Spots

Certain areas in a house are frequently touched and hot spots for germs. According to Good Housekeeping, these spots include appliance handles, faucets, remote controls, light switches, phones and doorknobs. You can use disinfecting sprays or wipes, or put some rubbing alcohol on a cotton ball to clean these surfaces, Good Housekeeping says. If using wipes or a cotton ball, Parenting Magazine advises using a different one on each surface so you don’t transfer germs from one to the other.” To read the entire article click here.

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