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Hiring a Cleaning Service is Well Worth the Money

Many women have a hard time asking for help and hiring a residential house cleaning service. As women, we think we can handle it all and may even call ourselves “superwoman.” You’re not alone but why should you suffer? Life is short. If you need a licensed, bonded, insured, cleaning service why not try it? Honestly, what can you lose or shall I say what will you gain?

Hire a Licensed, Bonded, Insured Cleaning Service

According to the article at womansday.com, “

“Time has taught me that maybe some things—like hiring a housecleaner—are worth paying for.

I like living in a clean house and I have always kept up mine myself. I especially like a bowl of shiny apples on a lemon-oiled table, the smell of sheets that have been dried on the clothesline, and a well-scrubbed bathtub.

But if, as author Annie Dillard wrote, how we spend our days is how we spend our lives, now that I’m 52 and certainly more than halfway done with mine, I’ve realized that I’d rather use my free hours doing other things, like playing with my granddaughter or writing a poem.

I was saying this to one of my friends last spring, when she suggested I hire a cleaning lady. This may not sound radical to you, but it is here in Haines, Alaska. Ours is a very small town. The few housekeepers there are choose to work full-time in the hotel and motels, or in public places like the bank and the library. This is also the kind of western frontier town where not one household boasts a maid or a nanny. None! Zero! But I work hard, and I read novels in which housekeepers are not so exotic, and I’ve reached a point where I’d rather spend my money on a help around the house on Friday afternoon than go out to dinner on Friday night.

My friend encouraged me to put an ad in the local online classifieds. She said if it worked for me, she might try it. (Apparently I’m not the only one who’d rather hike than mop.)

One woman answered it. She noted in her email that she had managed and cleaned holiday rentals. I was a little intimidated by her qualifications. What if she cost a fortune? Then again, what did I have to lose by meeting her? We set a date for the next afternoon.

I slept badly and woke up convinced this was a mistake. “I’m not a cleaning-lady kind of person,” I told the big dog. He agreed. But he always agrees.”

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