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Having a Cleaning Service is Not Just For the Wealthy

Some people think that hiring a home cleaning service in Reno is expensive, but that’s not always the case. Today’s family households are busier now more than ever but refuse to hire a professional cleaning service not realizing how affordable a cleaning service can be.

Home Cleaning Service

According to an article from networx.com,

“Victoria Malley’s clientele are getting younger. She cleans the homes of younger families as they become ever busier and decide they can no longer keep up with the housekeeping on their own.

Malley is half of the sister team that runs American Maid Sisters in Kennesaw, Georgia. While her previous clientele were mostly older, retired couples who could afford some extra expenses and didn’t want to spend their golden years scrubbing the toilet, now, however, busier, working families are hiring cleaning services.

“What we are starting to see now is that half of our clients are mid-30’s to 50,” Malley said in an email interview. “It seems that the change is mostly due to both adults in the family having to work, and some where the adults are working and going back to school while raising a family.”

Hiring a regular cleaning service can free up a few extra hours each week or month to spend time with loved ones, do a bit of work or just get some much-needed sleep. In addition, Malley says that hiring a cleaning service is simply a stress reliever.

“After you work all day it is always nice to come home to a freshly cleaned home,” Malley says. “It makes it so much easier to relax and enjoy what little free time we have in the evenings without thinking about the floors.”

Still, there are other considerations in hiring a cleaning service (or not)   – including financial, social and personal factors.

Budgeting a House Cleaner

The cost of house cleaning services varies widely by region and individual. MSN Money estimates that a basic weekly house cleaning service should cost $30 to $70.

For some people, that is simply out of their reach. For many others, however, budgeting a housecleaning service is merely a question of priorities. It may mean choosing to forego a restaurant meal, upgraded cable package or a few coffee-outings.

There are also ways to scale down the cost of cleaning services. Malley says some of her clients with lower incomes only get monthly cleaning, or have her company “just does certain cleaning items that just take too much time for them.”

Affordable Cleaning Services in Reno, NV

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