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Have You Attempted to Spring Clean Your Home in Reno Nevada?

Have You Attempted to Spring Clean Your Home in Reno Nevada?

Have you had your annual deep cleaning in your home in Reno Nevada? If you’re not familiar with the spring cleaning tradition, learn more about the reason for this purpose.

house cleaningAccording to an article at wisegeek.com, “Is Your Home Ready for Spring”

Spring cleaning is an annual deep cleaning which classically takes place in the spring. Spring cleaning is especially common in regions with harsh winters which make it hard to clean during the winter months. During a spring cleaning, a home will be scoured from top to bottom, and gear which is used in the winter will be cleaned and prepared for storage. Many people set aside several days in the spring for spring cleaning, and people may also refer to “spring cleaning” generically to talk about any deep clean, even if it is not spring.

The origins of the tradition of cleaning in the spring are unclear, although there are some interesting theories. Most probably, spring cleaning evolved as a natural response to the need to store things like heavy blankets and other winter equipment, and to the fact that cleaning can be challenging in the winter because the cold weather makes it hard to air a house out, while wet and freezing conditions contribute to buildups of mud, salt, and other materials on floors and around the house.”

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