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Have Fun with the Kids; Hire a Cleaning Service to Free up Your Time in Reno Nevada

Have Fun with the Kids; Hire a Cleaning Service to Free up Your Time in Reno Nevada

With the kids almost out of school and summer almost here, are you looking for ways to spend more time with the family? Why not hire a cleaning service in Reno Nevada, here are questions to ask your future cleaning service.

happy momAccording to an article at projectlife.net, “Questions You Should Ask Your Potential Cleaning Service


Write down your questions and expect the potential house cleaner or service manager to keep notes. If not, ask that he/she does (it is a good idea to have an extra pad handy). Your questions should be slightly different for the housecleaning service even though most will overlap.


  • How many years have you been in business?
  • How many employees do you have, and how long have they been with your company?
  • Will the same team come on every visit?
  • How do you handle requests, problems, and cancellations?
  • Who will be assigned as the team leader for my home (be sure to ask for their cell number)?
  • What’s your company’s breakage policy?
  • What will the house cleaner(s) clean on a routine visit? What will they NOT clean on a routine visit?
  • What is the MSDS of every product they will be using?
  • Also, ask to observe the tools they will be using for cleanliness.

After all the generic questions have been answered you need to customize the interview and address your pet peeves, house rules, security alarm, house keys (do say NO to keys under the mat), and information regarding your pets. Close or open the interview with the house tour.”

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