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Has Cleaning the House Just Got You Down?

Calling all moms, grandmas, or stay-at-home dads: Are you tired of cleaning the house? Tired of trying to get everyone on a cleaning schedule. Is life just getting in the way? We all want a clean house, but maybe you just need some professional house cleaners to clean your home? When it comes to professional cleaners in Reno, NV, learn what to ask when hiring a house cleaning service.

Help! I want a Clean House

According to an article from limerick.patch.com,

“Here are things to consider:

Bonding and Insurance

This should be the first question you ask. If the cleaner isn’t bonded and insured, end the interview. Bonding and insurance protect not only the cleaning service, but they protect you in case an accident occurs in your home.  A cleaning service that is not bonded and insured leaves you open to unnecessary risk. Ask for proof of insurance.


You should ask the cleaner to provide references from other clients, and check them. Ask for honest opinions about the cleaner’s work and reliability. Also ask how long the cleaner has been in the reference’s employ – the longer, the better.

Your Expectations, Schedule, and Fees

Discuss your expectations, specific cleaning needs or requests, and how often you would like your home to be cleaned. Is this a one-time spring-cleaning? Many cleaning services offer reduced rates for regular weekly or bi-weekly cleanings. Do you have a preference for a particular day? Find out if the cleaner has availability that meets your requirements. Finally, discuss payment. What can you expect the charges to be? Be sure to ask about any additional fees or charges you could potentially incur.

Who will do the cleaning? Find out whether the cleaning service will do the work themselves, or use their own employees. Or do they intend to outsource your home to someone else? Beware of a cleaning service that farms work out.


Ask whether the cleaner will use his or her own supplies, or if you will have to provide them. What tools and products will be used in your home? Make sure you mention any potential issues like allergens, and any areas or furniture that requires special care or products.”

Professional Cleaners in Reno, NV

You can be well assured that when the home cleaners from White Lotus Exquisite Home Cleaning shows up, your house will be looking brand new. For more information on our residential house cleaning services, contact White Lotus.

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