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Getting through the Holiday Season

With Christmas around the corner, how great would it feel to have a stress-free holiday? Let’s look at ways to have a stress-free Christmas season.

According to an article at orgjunkie.com, “How to Get through the Holiday Season”

mom tired of cleanng“1. Decide what to let go

With just a few weeks left, there may not be time for you to accomplish all that you hoped to do. So, pick a few things to eliminate from your “to do” list. Didn’t get around to ordering holiday cards? Send an email photo card instead. Didn’t have time to make homemade gifts for the nieces and nephews this year? A gift card will still be quite appreciated. Just start crossing things off, and move on.

The holidays don’t have to be “perfect” or match your ideal holiday fantasy. Decide what is important to you (in my case- baking cookies and watching holiday specials with my family), and just let the rest go.

2.Make a plan

Get out your calendar, pick a date, and write down when you want to be finished with your shopping. Pick one night to wrap all your gifts. If taking the kids to see the “Nutcracker” is something you don’t want to miss- take a moment right now to order the tickets and get the date down in your calendar.

Giving yourself these deadlines take the full burden of all that needs to be done over the holidays off of your shoulders now, and parses it out into bite-sized pieces you can accomplish on specific dates.

Now, don’t spend any more time thinking about what’s on your complete list. Think only of what you need to accomplish today.” To read the entire article click here.

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