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Residential House Cleaning in the Fall

Do you think spring is the only time for a big cleanup? Did you know that fall is a great time to get rid of stuff that you meant to get rid of over the summer. Nobody wants to clean when it’s hot out. Here are fall cleaning tips from your friendly cleaning service in Reno, Nevada.

Fall Cleaning Tips

“We all know spring as the time for the big spring cleaning frenzy, but there are plenty of cleaning tasks that are perfect for fall. Get your home ready for winter with this cleaning checklist.

Fall cleaning has a lot to do with stowing away those last traces of summer and preparing your home for the winter ahead. Try these tips from organizedhome.com to fall clean your home inside and out:

Clean and store patio furniture, umbrellas, and children’s summer toys.

Touch up paint on trim, railings and decks. Use a wire brush to remove flaking paint; prime bare wood first.

Check caulk around windows and doors. Follow manufacturer’s recommendations to re-caulk if needed.

Inspect external doors and garage doors. Do they close tightly? Install weather-stripping, door thresholds if needed.

Wash exterior windows.

Drain and store garden hoses. Install insulating covers on exterior spigots. In hard-freeze areas, have sprinkler systems blown free of water.

Check gutters and downspouts. Clear of debris if necessary. In cold-weather areas, consider installing heating cable to prevent ice dams.

Have chimneys and flues inspected and cleaned if necessary.

Turn mattresses front-to-back and end-to-end to equalize wear.

Launder or clean all bedding: mattress pads, pillows, duvets, blankets, comforters. Tuck the family into a warm and cozy winter bed.

Prepare the kitchen for holiday cooking. Clean and organized kitchen cabinets, paying particular attention to baking supplies, pans and equipment.”

Residential House Cleaning in Reno

As for the rest of the house cleaning, leave it to the professionals at White Lotus. Take the load off your shoulder and consider our residential house cleaning services. For more information on our cleaning services or to request a quote, contact us today!

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