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Do you know why it’s so important to invest in green home cleaning services that are eco-friendly? Anyone heard of Global Warming? In Reno, NV White Lotus is an eco-friendly cleaning company, good for the planet and good for you.

Switching to Natural Cleaning Products

According to an article from anyclean.co.uk,

“What is Global Warming? Global warming is going on right now this very minute. It is the result of glaciers melting, sea levels rising, cloud forests drying, and wildlife suffering try their best to survive.

People are realizing finally that the cause of these catastrophes have been caused by the humans that live on this planet. For centuries, people have been warming the earth by releasing heat-trapping gases as we use toxic chemicals (toxins in cleaning products) and toxic powers (utilities) in our daily lives.

These gases are called greenhouse gases. Their levels are higher now than in the last 650,000 years. Wow! We call the result global warming, but it is causing a set of changes to the Earth’s climate, or long-term weather patterns, that changes from place to place.

As our planet spins each day, the new heat swirls with it, picking up moisture over the oceans, rising here, settling there. It is changing the rhythms of climate that all living species rely on to survive. What can we do to slow down the hazardous effects of global warming?

One thing we can do is change the cleaning products we use. By using natural cleaning products, we can help save the planet! We need to use products that are made by natural substances that are environmentally safe for people and for the planet.

Natural cleaning products present environmentally safe, cost-efficient choices the toxic and lethal house cleaning products used in many homes worldwide. Using natural cleaning products is dangerous as most cleaning products commonly used in the home eventually contact the air, water, and/or soil, where they can cause significant and irreparable harm to animals, plants, drinking water, and food.

The average person uses about 40 pounds of toxic household cleaning products each year. Scary! These cleaning products contain dangerous ingredients, including neurotoxins, carcinogens, allergens, central nervous system depressants, heavy metals, and other agents that cause or contribute to cancer, respiratory problems, reproductive abnormalities, allergic reactions, and behavioral problems, among other serious medical conditions.

Ingredients from household cleaning products make their way into the environment through various ways:

  • They are flushed down toilets.
  • They are poured down sinks.
  •  They are sprayed into the air.
  • They are thrown into the trash.
  • They are dumped onto the ground.

Amazingly, many harmful cleaning products are dumped into lands or incinerated, upon which they release their toxins into the environment and contribute to depletion of the ozone layer, pollute groundwater, contaminate the soil, and harm plant and animal life.”

Green Home Cleaning Services

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