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Earth Friendly Green Cleaning Service

There are many benefits to using green cleaning products. Because some cleaning products contain harmful ingredients, it is important to find a green cleaning service that is transparent with the products they use.

Green Cleaning Service

According to an article at planet-hugger.com, “Green Cleaning Service”

“People often ask “do green cleaning products really work”?  The answer!  By and large, yes they do, but of course just like traditional products, there will be variances in efficacy, not to mention personal preference.  From experience, some of the green cleaners can even outperform the traditional cleaners.  There are so many completely natural ingredients such as citric acid, vinegar, essential oils etc. that work really well on some of the toughest stains germs, and dirt.

If you’re new to the idea of trying out green cleaning products, knowing what is inside the product is important, so always try to use ones that fully disclose their ingredients on the bottle.  Any company that does not list their ingredients because they are “proprietary” is not being fully transparent, and from experience many of the cleaning products that claim to be green can surprisingly contain synthetic materials, not to mention petroleum, parabens and perfumes.  Another consideration is selecting green cleaning products that are not animal tested.  The labels should be marked “not tested on animals” or another similar phrase.”

Green Home Cleaning Company

White Lotus is a trusted green home cleaning company in Reno, NV. They can ensure that the cleaning products they use are safe for your home and the environment. To learn more, call (775) 856-2345 or fill out the form below.

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