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Don’t Get Burned Out by House Cleaning

Are you a mom in Reno, NV? Does the entire house cleaning fall under your job responsibility? Do you think that cleaning and trying to keep up with the day-to-day activities is driving you crazy? Want some help cleaning the house? Don’t worry. White Lotus in Reno, NV is just a phone call away!

The Endless Complaints of House Cleaning

According to an article at thehappiestmom.com,

  • “Difficulty getting your spouse and/or kids to help out enough or to your standards
  • Taking those first few painful steps in a big project
  • Clutter that seems to breed
  • The never-ending-ness of it all

I can’t say I’m surprised. I’ve experienced each of those four obstacles during my tenure as a mom, and I have heard hundreds of other mothers complain about those very issues many times. To that list, I’d add a few roadblocks of my own:

It’s boring

It’s lonely

It never ends (oh, I guess you all already said that, huh?)

So here’s the part where I share some disappointing news: there is no secret to keeping a cleaner house. No magic formula,* no life-altering tool that will, as if charmed, get up and clean the room itself. In fact, if you haven’t already learned this hard truth, despite the suggestions made in the commercials, Scrubbing Bubbles do not actually fly around your bathtub on tiny brushes doing all the work for you. I know. Bummer!

I recently wrote an article on speed-cleaning tips and tricks for Parents magazine (it’ll be in the March issue), interviewing dozens and dozens of parents and homemakers along the way. While there were a few tricks that were new to me–like putting a bowl of water in the microwave to loosen dried-on spills and splatters–most of the tips I picked up were far less magical: Prioritize. Take advantage of five minutes here and ten minutes there. Train your kids to help out. Get rid of stuff you don’t need. Make sure everything has a home.”

A Reno, NV House Cleaning Company

Calling all moms and caregivers in the Reno, NV area. Are you ready to have a simpler life? For the best house cleaning company, White Lotus is just a click away! Check out our website for more information or fill out the contact form below for a free quote!

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