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Does Your House Feel Like the Messiest House on the Block in Reno?

Does Your House Feel Like the Messiest House on the Block in Reno?

Are the piles of clutter driving you crazy? Here are suggestions on how to start the process of spring cleaning your home.

house cleaning 4According to an article at charlotteobserver.com, “How to Overcome Clutter”

“Spring may inspire us to wash windows, clean out the refrigerator and have the carpets cleaned. But for most of us, that’s not going to make things look better if we don’t clear out the clutter sitting in every room, closet and the garage.

If it seems impossible to get rid of all the clutter at once, think about choosing a start and end date for your clean-up project as well as working in smaller areas.

Here are suggestions for taming clutter:

Purging paper

If you Google the words “paper” and “clutter,” you’ll get 15.7 million responses to your search, and even more suggestions on how to get rid of all of that paper. Most cleaning experts claim paper is the biggest source of messiness in American houses. Whatever happened to the paperless society anyway?

Just think about what you have at your house: Piles of old tax returns, magazines, newspapers, receipts, children’s artwork, tons of photo albums, every document on every house you ever bought or sold, travel brochures, piles of unread mail. It’s probably in your home office, your kitchen, your closets and garage.

Fear of putting anything in the garbage that has your name or any identification on it is one reason paper clutter gets out of control. So buy a good paper shredder — not the cheapest one on the shelf — and start tearing into your mail and piles of paper more regularly.” To read the entire article click here.

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