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Does the Clutter in Your Home Make You Less Productive?

Is the clutter in your home slowing you down? Do you avoid cleaning certain areas in your home because clutter is overwhelming? Let’s take a look at how clutter affects you.

According to an article at goodhousekeeping.com, “The Truth Behind Clutter”

mom tired of cleanng“It negatively impacts your decision-making skills.

That same study from the Princeton University explains that the awareness and annoyance of existing clutter will wear down on your mental state, making you more likely to become frustrated — so you might make decisions differently than you’re normally clear head might.

It’s probably costing you money. 

When you have a pile of both opened and unopened mail stacked sky-high, you’re more likely to lose or forget to pay a bill — and late fees are no joke. Or if you can’t find your favorite nail polish you might end up purchasing a duplicate that you didn’t need to (and only adds to your clutter problem).

It’s fostering an environment for germs and pests. 

Think about it: If you can’t see the surface of your kitchen counter, how can you wipe it clean? And if your clutter habits include leaving dirty dishes out overnight, you’re basically inviting critters like cockroaches into your home.” To read the entire article click here.

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