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Did You Spring Clean Your Workplace?

Did You Spring Clean Your Workplace?

Has it been awhile since your office had a good deep clean? Spring is a perfect time to get your life and workplace in balance. Here are tips on how to get that spring cleaning done in the workplace.

clean 2According to an article at miamiherald.com, “Time to Clean Out Your Workplace?”

“You don’t need to wait for spring to clean up clutter in your life, but it is as good a time as any to rid yourself of clutter and stress and make room for a better work/life balance. Even if you never get to your closets, consider tidying your workspace, clearing your inbox and changing your habits to work and live smarter.

To boost your efforts, I’ve asked the experts for tips that are worth the effort:

Physical workspace: The layout of your office or cubicle space and the flow it creates plays a huge role in your mood, productivity and ability to juggle demands.

Professional organizer Gayle Jacobs suggests examining a few key areas: Is your desktop space too small, do you have enough drawers, are you facing a direction that heightens your productivity, and what exactly is piled on your desk? “Review what you have on your desk, eliminate what you don’t need (a dirty coffee cup, out of ink pens, folders with notes on completed projects) and invest in drawers and containers,” suggests Jacobs, president of Actually Organized in Miami. “You should have everything you need to get your work done within arm’s reach.” To read the entire article click here.

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