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Decluttering Tips

When you walk into your home how do you feel? Does the never ending clutter drive you crazy especially this time of the year when families are busy with all the festivities? Follow these decluttering tips to help clear up your home.

Get the Clutter Out and Have a Peaceful Home

According to an article at pioneerthinking.com,

“Tips some really simple steps to help you get started on a cleaner house, head, and life:

1. Make a list of every closet, drawer, etc. that needs to be cleared. For example, master bathroom: 8 drawers, one linen closet. Home office: 6 desk drawers, 5 filing cabinets drawers, sofa stacked with papers. This crucial first step is not to overwhelm you; quite the contrary, it’s to give you the big picture so you can break it down into easily manageable baby steps. Allow yourself all the time you need…..one or two hours a day or a week. This entire project may take you weeks or even months to complete. But you will feel better every single step of the way…..just imagine the burden being lifted by simply starting! Some couples and families find creative ways to do this together.

2. Next, prioritize which area needs to be tackled first. If you are close to bankruptcy, you might want to handle your office first. If your spouse is researching divorce attorneys because of the bedroom clutter, you might want to start there. Get your list in order, and choose one room, one area to make your debut. Pick your favorite time of day and day of the week to work on this project. Write it in your calendar/datebook/Blackberry and honor this date with yourself as if it were as important as a DDS or MD appointment so you are psychologically geared up for it. If letting go is already difficult, why not set yourself up for success by making it easier in every way possible? Enroll a friend of family member to help you, but only if he/she can be lovingly decisive. If you have children, allow them to help you. Know that you are modeling excellent behaviors for them to take on and pass on to their children. You are training them to be more decisive, organized, and let the small stuff go. Wear comfy clothes, put on your favorite upbeat music, and have your favorite meal and beverage (or fresh flowers, etc.) ready for you as a reward when you complete this.

3. On D-Day (Declutter Day): Take every single thing out of the closet or drawer. Vacuum and/or clean out all dust and dirt. Thoroughly. Have rags and antibacterial cleansers handy and perhaps an air freshener. Polish the furniture. You may wish to line drawers with paper, and/or add organizational dividers.”

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