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Cleaning Checklist for the Days Your Cleaning Service Isn’t Scheduled

On the days your cleaning company doesn’t come by, it’s important to still keep a cleaning checklist to keep your house clean and tidy throughout the week.

Cleaning Checklist

According to an article at wisegeek.com,

“Making note on a house cleaning checklist of when a chore was last completed can help busy families keep track of a cleaning schedule. Some chores obviously do not need to be completed every week, for example, but it is easy to forget when a chore was last done. A checklist can eliminate this problem. It may be helpful to encourage other family members to add their own chores to the checklist, so everyone can see what needs to be done to keep the house clean; for instance, kids might add their responsibilities to keep their rooms clean to the checklist.

A house cleaning checklist may be written on a simple piece of paper, but there are also some software programs or even free online applications that allow users to create checklists. The checklists may allow users to add features such as scheduled completion dates. Tasks can then be virtually “checked off” or rescheduled each week or month as needed; an electronic checklist can be a good way to keep a running house cleaning checklist going without needing to constantly rewrite it and make changes.”

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