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Back to School Cleaning Tips

With the kids back in school means that parents and caregivers are busier more than ever. Are you finding barely enough time to get housework done? Here are tips on how to keep house tidy during the school year.

According to an article at maidtoshinecleaners.com, “House Cleaning Tips During the School Year”

“1. Take off shoes

A really simple way to keep the floors free of dirt of dust is by taking off your shoes when you come inside. Odds are they’re going to get thrown off sometime during the day anyway, so yank them off before you start running around the house…and while you’re at it just carry them to your room.

2. Make sure there’s a trashcan in all the kid’s room

Sure, it makes going around on a trash day seem a little longer, but it’s a much better alternative than finding an old banana peel under a pile of papers just because a walk to the kitchen trashcan was too far. With all the rubbish in one place, this will end up saving you a lot of clean up time.

3. Replace the air filters

This is something that most people forget about, but it’s a long-lasting way to help reduce dust in your home. Plus, this will help keep you and the kiddos healthy. Make sure to get all your filters, the air conditioner, the vacuum, etc.

4. Have a designated mess rag in the kitchen

Don’t give the kids any excuses not to clean up a spill. Set out your mess rag by the sink or even hang it on your refrigerator handle that way when milk splashes out of the cereal bowl or a lack of attention leads to a water bottle overflowing there’s a rag right there to soak it up. Just be sure to wash it on laundry day!

5. Organize the bathroom

This one takes a little longer initially, but will pay off. Make sure there’s a toothbrush holder and a place to hang up towels in the bathroom. Establish which drawers are for what and make sure there’s actually room in there to do their job. When everything has its place it’s easier to put away.” To read the entire article click here.

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