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Party Cleaning Services for Your Home

Spring… what a wonderful time of the year when family and friends comes together. Get your home ready for an upcoming event with party cleaning services.

Housekeeping Service Solutions for Your Busy Life

According to an article from superpages.com,

“If you love a big home but just don’t have time to give all the rooms the attention they deserve, a cleaning service will standardize those repetitive tasks, like cleaning the baseboards or washing window interiors.

When you have precious items that should be polished or cleaned regularly, stop feeling guilty about neglecting them and do something about it.

A professional maid service will know how to clean your granite countertops, stainless steel appliances and specialty fixtures. Trust your cleaning chores to the pros instead of your teenagers. You’ll be protecting your belongings and giving them the attention they deserve.

Keeping your refrigerator and stove clean promotes a more sanitary environment. It also saves energy. Cleaner refrigerator condenser coils will keep your condenser from cycling on as frequently, and a clean oven will distribute heat more uniformly and efficiently. Clean is sanitary; it’s also energy smart.

When you like to clean but just don’t have enough time to do everything, a quarterly cleaning may be the perfect solution. Spring and holiday cleaning chores can be a nightmare if you haven’t got a weekend to devote to dusting, vacuuming, washing, and polishing. Have a service come in every few months to do the heavy lifting for you — literally. You can get those ceiling fans cleaned, area rugs aired and bathrooms sanitized without lifting a finger.”

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Hire a Cleaning Service

If you find yourself short on time and you have an event at your home coming up, contact White Lotus. We’ll do the hard work for you while you focus on planning your party.

Party Cleaning Services



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