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Being a mother is one of the joys in life…. just having a family is joy! Are you running yourself into the ground with trying to keep up the demands of  a clean house? Would you like to hear a mother’s story why she hired house cleaners in Reno, NV. She makes it’s easy for you to understand that asking for help is OK. Don’t wait, contact White Lotus Exquisite Home cleaning today.

Home Cleaning for the Busy

According to an article at thehappiestmom.com, “One Happy Mother”

“I can remember the first time I decided to hire cleaning help. I was largely pregnant with my fourth child, with a two-year-old at home all day as well. I was working a couple of afternoons a week outside the home and full-time from home to keep my fledgling writing career in the air. My husband was working in another state for weeks at a time, sometimes only home five or six days a month. I was managing, but I was grumpy and stressed out.

I’d taken a card advertising cleaning and errand services from the grocery store bulletin board weeks earlier, but had been putting off making the call. It felt almost ridiculous to hire somebody to come clean our rather shabby rental house, especially when our budget was tight. And indulgent, too; certainly not the kind of thing my own mother (who made ends meet on a way-below-poverty-level income) would ever have considered doing. But I thought that if I could just get somebody to come a few times, I might be able to get ahead again, enough to let things go until after the baby came without getting the house condemned by the health department.

So I called the number, and a pleasant woman, Cyndi, answered the phone. Cyndi was a mom herself, looking for flexible work she could manage around her husband’s schedule so they could avoid paying for daycare for their toddler son. I talked a mile a minute on the call, rattling off all the circumstances that had led to making the call. I justified myself for a good three minutes, wanting to make sure she understood that I wasn’t just sitting around eating bonbons all day, I wasn’t lazy, I wasn’t elitist, I wasn’t spoiled. I just…

“You just need help,” she said with empathy in her voice.

“Yes,” I breathed. “I just need help.”

Professional Reno House Cleaners

There is no shame in asking for help. Even women that call themselves “Supermom” need help sometimes cleaning the house. White Lotus service clients in the Reno & Sparks area. For more information, contact us at (775) 856-2345.

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