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6 Tips on Finding a Great Cleaning Service in Reno

Tired of coming home to messy home? If you’ve thrown in the towel and realize that you need a cleaning service. Let’s take a look at factors to consider when searching for a Reno house cleaning service.

According to an article at ehow.com, “How to Find a Cleaning Service”

cleaning professional 1“1. Decide your budget. The first time your home is cleaned will generally be the most expensive visit because the cleaner will have to do a “deep cleaning.” Later visits will typically be less ex-pensive since the cleaner will just be doing maintenance work.
2. Find a service you want to use. You can ask friends for recommendations or flip through the phone book for names of cleaning service businesses. Individuals who clean homes may post ads in the classifieds section of your local newspaper.
3. Call to set up an appointment. Most cleaning services will want to meet with you and see your home before giving you a price quote. Be sure to mention your budget to avoid scheduling an appointment with a company that is out of your price range. This will save you both time.
4. Find out if they are insured. Be sure to inquire as to whether or not your cleaning service is insured or bonded. Repair Home notes, “It may not seem important, but it is worthwhile to check whether the maid service you decide to use is insured or bonded. While an uninsured cleaning service may give you the same level of cleaning, with an insured maid service you have a guarantee that, if anything happens, you won’t be held accountable.” Finding an insured company is important in case an item in your home breaks during cleaning or in case the person cleaning your home is accidentally injured.” To read the entire article click here.

White Lotus provides residential cleaning services on weekly, monthly, or bi-weekly cleaning. For more information on our cleaning services contact White Lotus at 775-525-8100 or visit White-LotusReno.com.



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