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5 Tips on How to Clean a Toilet

Having a dirty toilet full of stains is one thing you don’t want house guest or visitors to see in your home. Let’s look at the best ways to have a sparkling clean toilet.

According to an article at splashdirect.com, “How to Have a Sparkling Clean Toilet”

45944471_s“Step 1: The Gentle Rinse: Give the exterior (the tank, lid and seat) a good wipe-down with hot water – This will remove excess dirt and make the cleaning process easier.

Step 2: Clean the Bowl: Squirt the cleaner around the rim and let it drip down. This will help soften anything that’s managed to harden within the bowl.

Leave it to settle for a minute and then scrub with a toilet brush: pay close attention to the water level (where minerals are prone to settle) and delve deep into the bowl.

Step 3: Clean the Outside: Close the lid and, with your cleaner, get to work on the toilet’s exterior: rise often and wipe in circular motions to avoid streaks.

Don’t forget: Spray top-down, this is the most hygienic way as it will prevent any unwanted drips onto clean areas.
Clean under the toilet seat

Step 4: Clean the Toilet Seat: Now’s time for the nastiest part: the toilet seat.

Spray your cleaner around the lid and hinges and give it a good scrub.

Don’t forget the reverse of your toilet seat – This can be a haven for stains, particularly when living with people who have bad aim!

Step 5: Back to the Bowl: The cleaning fluid you applied in step 2 will have now settled, so take another look for persistent stains – If you notice any, grab your toilet brush and give it another scrub. Now you can flush; if you notice another stain, just repeat this step.” To read the entire article click here.

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