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5 Tips for Ironing Clothes

Do you consider yourself a pro when it comes to ironing? Well if you don’t, here are common tips on what to avoid when ironing your clothes.

According to an article at goodhousekeeping.com, “Ironing Tips”

1. Ironing fabrics that are too dry.

Mist creases with your iron’s spray feature. This dampens and relaxes the fabric so when the iron passes over it, wrinkles vanish. Use the steam burst feature to give stubborn folds a blast.

2. Saving your delicate for last.

Irons take longer to cool down than to heat up, so start with materials needing the lowest temperature, like polyester and silk. Work your way up to cotton and linen. Do the reverse, and you risk melting the fabric.

3. Cranking up the heat.

If the garment is made of a blend, select the setting for the more delicate fabric. It will help you preserve the garment.

4. Not using tap water.

Today’s irons can handle tap water better than older models could. Unless your area’s water is extremely hard, there’s no reason to use distilled water. For areas with very hard tap water, mix it 50/50 with distilled.

5. Not cleaning your iron.

Melted fibers and sticky spray starch on your iron can snag and stain fabrics. Clean the iron’s soleplate with a baking soda paste when it’s cold or an iron cleaning paste, like Faultless Hot Iron Cleaner ($8, amazon.com), when it’s warm.” To read the entire article click here.

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