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10 Ways to Keep Your Allergies under Control

Do you suffer from seasonal allergies and you’re looking for ways you can decrease allergen exposure in the home? Here are tips on how to manage allergies and protect yourself and family year around.

According to an article at maidbrigade.com, “Controlling Allergies in the Home”

happy mom“1. Watch the weather. Make notes of rainy days and pollen counts, this way you are prepared before you even leave the house in the morning. Follow the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology’s National Allergy Bureau of daily pollen and mold levels in your area at www.aaaai.org/global/nab-pollen-counts.aspx.

2. If pollen count are high, skip going outdoors until later in the day when the pollen count is lower. Pollen counts usually peak between 10 am and 4 pm.

3. Wear sunglasses when heading outdoors to keep the pollen from entering your eyes.

4. Choose landscape plants carefully. Know which plants affect your allergies, and make sure those plants don’t end up planted in your front or back yard.

5. Have someone else mow your lawn. Avoid sitting on or near freshly cut grass.

6. Change the filters in your air conditioner and furnaces often.

7. Reduce the amount of pollen you track into your home by leaving your shoes at the door.

8. Wipe down pet coats and paws when pets return from outdoors, because pollen loves to stick to their fur.

9. Shower and wash your hair at night so that pollen collected throughout the day doesn’t end up in your bed or on your pillow. Pollen loves to stick to our hair too! This is a “must do” rule in our home every night!

10. On high pollen days, keep the windows and doors closed. Use your home air conditioner or an air purifier instead. When in the car, keep your windows closed. Instead, use the air conditioner on the air re-circulate setting.” To read the entire article click here.

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