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How to Clean Hardwood Floors

Want to learn simple tips on how to prolong the life of your hardwood floors? Here are tips on how to keep your hardwood floor sparkling clean.

According to an article at maidpro.com, “Hardwood Floor Cleaning Tips”

“Leave shoes at the door. The absolute best long-term cleaning defense for hard flooring is to avoid tracking in grit, tiny pebbles, and oils that scratch, etch, permeate, and cause virtually all hard flooring types to appear dull over time.

Sweep and vacuum often. Even when you leave shoes at the door, it’s impossible to keep damaging debris from falling. Frequent sweeping (dare we say daily?) and at least weekly vacuuming is also a must.

Wipe spills immediately. Except for wood laminates and glazed tiles, hard flooring types are essentially—and to varying degrees—porous. That makes them highly vulnerable to staining, so it’s imperative to pay prompt attention to spills.

Damp mop only, then dry! The same porousness that makes hard floors susceptible to staining also makes them vulnerable to long-term damage from moisture: warping, mold/mildew growth, and so forth. The rule, then, is to damp (versus wet) mop, then physically (versus air) dry after cleaning.

Go pH neutral and avoid abrasives. While certain hard flooring types can withstand a little diluted acid (such as lemon juice) to remove dulling soap buildup, or mild abrasives to attack tough stains, many others will sustain serious damage from both acidic and alkaline cleaners (such as ammonia) and abrasives. Best rule of thumb is to use a pH-neutral cleaning solution that’s designed to bond with and pick up dirt and oils (versus just swishing them around). Rinse your mop frequently with clean water and never skip the rinse step where you focus on removing soap residues after you’ve picked up all the dirt.” To read the entire article click here.

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