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5 Essentials for a Clean House

Keeping your house clean can be difficult for all of us. With work, kids, and activities, there just never seems to be enough time. However, not every house cleaning needs to be a deep clean. If you have the basic 5 cleaning essentials, you can keep your house clean until your professional home cleaner arrives or you have time to clean.

House Cleaning Essentials

Vacuum Cleaner

A strong vacuum is a must-have in every home! With pet hair, dirt, and crumbs, your floors can get dirty fast. Now, there are vacuum cleaners specifically designed for pet hair and dander. If you have a pet, this type of vacuum can be a lifesaver to pick up animal hair that a normal vacuum misses.

Surface Cleaner

Did you just make a mess cooking, spill coffee on your desk, or squirt toothpaste on your bathroom countertop? This is the job for an all-purpose cleaner! Make sure you have a good all-purpose cleaner in your home that is safe on many types of surfaces.


Dust can build up everywhere! You may find dust in your blinds, tv stand, or high shelves. Eventually, you may start breathing in the dust. To prevent this from happening, dust your home regularly.

Glass Cleaner

Have you ever tried to look through a window only to see fingerprints? This has happened to all of us. A glass cleaner will remove those annoying fingerprints or water stains from mirrors.


Depending on the type of flooring you have, you may need a mop for your home. Steam mops are a lifesaver to remove grime without a messy cleanup. If you have wood, laminate, tile, or any other type of hard flooring, mopping is essential for your housecleaning routine.

While regular cleaning maintenance is necessary every day, you will need to deep clean also. White Lotus Exquisite Home Cleaning provides deep house cleaning services when you need it. Speak with our house cleaners in Reno or Sparks for more information on keeping a clean home.



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