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Fall is the New Spring Cleaning

Did you know that fall is actually a wonderful time of the year to have a thorough house cleaning? Even better is when you have a professional cleaning service do the work for you. Learn more about why fall is the best time to have a thorough Reno house cleaning. Fall House Cleaning According to […]

Green Home Cleaning Services

Are you still using conventional cleaning products? The benefits of using green cleaning products or green home cleaning services is not only safe for you but the planet as well. White Lotus Exquisite Home Cleaning in Reno, NV is a highly-rated green cleaning company. Learn about the dangers of using cleaning products. The Truth About […]

Winter Home Cleaning Tips

Are you ready for the winter season in Reno, NV? With the upcoming winter months being shortly around the corner, White Lotus Exquisite Home Cleaning has winter home cleaning tips to get you ready for the season. Keeping Your Home Healthy Through the Winter Months According to an article at homemakingorganized.com, “When the cold weather […]

Health Benefits of Having a Cleaning Service

What is the key to a happy home? A clean home! Remember the saying “happy wife, happy life?” Well, what makes your wife happier than a clean home? Cleaning a home can be a lot for one person and a cleaning service can help with that. Not only will professional house cleaners take the hard […]

Is Cleaning Your House Overwhelming?

Are getting behind on cleaning your house? Are you looking for a personal touch from a cleaning service that also cares about the environment? White Lotus Exquisite Home Cleaning does an exceptional job cleaning your home and also uses green cleaning products. Home Cleaning According to an article at servicemagic.com, “As much as you love […]

Leave Your Home Spotless Clean

Have a special occasion or maybe you just need a house cleaning company to come in and clean your home? Remember house cleaning services leave a home spotless clean and your stress free. If cost is an issue think about what’s more important in life, you spending hour’s house cleaning or spending quality time with […]



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