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Time to Clean Out the Garage?

As a Reno maid service, we’ve seen it all over the years. Cleaning a home is one thing, but what about the other areas under the roof? Our garages in particular are an easy place to toss yard equipment, old electronics, and other clutter from the house. After all, out of sight, out of mind, […]

How to Find a Cleaning Service

Cleaning supplies in a pile on the floor.

Does your home need a little TLC this spring? Looking to hire a cleaning service? Here are tips on how to find professional cleaning services in Reno. Interview the housekeeping or maid service It’s important you interview not only a representative from a house cleaning service, but also the actual person who will be cleaning […]

Benefits of Hiring House Cleaners

stress from messy home leads to hiring house cleaners

You walk in your door from an eight-hour shift at work. All you want to do is relax but there is cat hair on the couch, mail piling on the counter, and dishes in the sink. You feel like it might be more relaxing to go back to work. Has this ever happened to you? […]

Residential House Cleaning Tips for the Holidays

family having meal at the table after residential house cleaning

With Christmas parties and family coming to town, many of you are frantically cleaning your house. You may be asking yourself why you thought this Christmas party was a good idea. Well, stop! Residential house cleaning during the holidays does not have to be stressful. Our residential house cleaning guide for the holidays can help […]

5 Essentials for a Clean House

chores cleaning

Keeping your house clean can be difficult for all of us. With work, kids, and activities, there just never seems to be enough time. However, not every house cleaning needs to be a deep clean. If you have the basic 5 cleaning essentials, you can keep your house clean until your professional home cleaner arrives […]

Spring House Cleaning Tips

spring cleaning

Spring is here! The sun is finally out and the weather is warmer. However, it is also time for spring house cleaning. You are not just cleaning dirt-deep, but allergen deep. This might all seem tedious but if you spring house clean, you will not regret it. Create a Schedule Before you start spring cleaning, […]

How to Get Red Wine Out of Carpet

wine spilled on carpet

You are sitting in the living room with friends, sipping on your favorite glass of red wine. You reach to set the wine glass down but -yikes!- you miss the end table. Red wine spills all over the carpet. You grab a wet cloth and pat the stain but the wine is not coming out. […]

3 Cleaning Service Benefits

Need to hire a Reno house cleaning service to help around the house? Let’s look at valid reasons to hiring house cleaning service. According to an article at taylormaidsvc.com, “Cleaning Service Benefits” “1. You love the results, but not the process. Everyone loves having a clean home but not all of us like the part […]

How to Protect Your Mattress

House Cleaning white lotus cartoon

Did you know that cleaning your mattress properly could help you sleep better at night? Let’s look at tips on how to get rid of stains, dust, and other allergens which will make for a restful sleep at night. According to an article at huffingtonpost.com, “Mattress Cleaning Tips” “Make sure your mattress is properly supported. […]



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