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Back to School Cleaning Tips

With the kids back in school means that parents and caregivers are busier more than ever. Are you finding barely enough time to get housework done? Here are tips on how to keep house tidy during the school year. According to an article at maidtoshinecleaners.com, “House Cleaning Tips During the School Year” “1. Take off […]

4 Reasons to Hire a Cleaning Service

Are you looking to save time on house cleaning, so you can spend that precious time with loved ones? Let’s look at the benefits to hiring a cleaning service while you spend your time enjoying family and friends. According to an article at superpages.com, “Why You Need to Hire a Cleaning Service” “For many homeowners, […]

Cleaning Service Duties

Are you trying to decide between hiring a house keeper or cleaning service? It’s important to consider what your needs are and the benefits to hiring a cleaning service company. Let’s look at what a cleaning service can offer you. According to an article at angieslist.com, “Residential Cleaning Service” “House cleaning duties A house cleaner […]

Natural Cleaning Tips

Are you tired of using harsh cleaning products? Looking for natural ways to clean your home in between house cleaning visits? Here are tips on how to clean your home naturally. According to an article at housekeeping.org, “House Cleaning Naturally” “Go Natural When Cleaning Instead of spending all your time spraying down counters and tubs […]

5 Green Cleaning Service Benefits

Are you in need of a house cleaning service? While you’re searching for a cleaning service, did you consider looking for a green cleaning service? Here are reasons why it’s best to hire a green house cleaning service. According to an article at khanaye-doost.com, “Green Cleaning Service” “We have outlined some of the reasons you […]

Eco-friendly House Cleaning Tips

Are you looking for ways to clean the house with eco-friendly products? Let’s look at eco-friendly products that are perfect to use around the house. According to an article at care.com, “Green Cleaning” “1) Air Freshener Use baking soda and natural oils instead of aerosols to freshen the air in your home. Here’s How: Open […]

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5 Tips for Ironing Clothes

Do you consider yourself a pro when it comes to ironing? Well if you don’t, here are common tips on what to avoid when ironing your clothes. According to an article at goodhousekeeping.com, “Ironing Tips” “1. Ironing fabrics that are too dry. Mist creases with your iron’s spray feature. This dampens and relaxes the fabric […]

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Summer Maintenance Cleaning Tips

It’s here! Summer vacation is such a wonderful time of the year. Let’s look at house cleaning maintenance tips to be taken care during the summer months. According to an article at travelers.com, “Maintenance Cleaning Tips” “Inside the House It is good practice to check the locks on your doors each season to make sure […]

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Simple Tips on How to Clean Your Refrigerator

Are you tired of that unpleasant odor coming from the refrigerator? Time to clean out the refrigerator? Let’s look at simple tips to get your refrigerator sparkling clean. According to an article at thespruce.com, “How to Clean your Refrigerator” “Remove the Food: Toss any old or expired food into the trash. Remove the food that […]

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Need to Hire a Cleaning Service to Clean up after a Party?

Are you tired of spending your free time cleaning the house? If you’ve been thinking about hiring a cleaning service, here are a few great reasons to hire a cleaning service in Reno. According to an article at maid2match.com.au, “Reasons to Hire a Cleaning Service” “Cleaning For a Party A happy dinner party in a […]



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