The Importance of House Cleaning in Reno Nevada

The Importance of House Cleaning in Reno Nevada

Ever wonder why house cleaning is so important? I know it’s one of those task in life you love it or you hate it, but there is reason to why you should keep a clean home. Learn about the importance of house cleaning and the health benefits in Reno Nevada.

According to an article at, “Health Benefits of Clean House

“There are many important things we have to do today and we should not get obsessed with housework. But keeping a clean and tidy house is certainly not bourgeois. In days gone by dirt was a social taboo among working class families, especially in Scotland where I come from. My goodness, if you didn’t have your washing on the line by noon you were regarded as a trollop. There was a lot of social pressure involved and a fear of criticism, however, which could make things uncomfortable at home. We have to strike a balance between what makes a home both healthy and happy.

The homes we dealt with on our TV show were at the other extreme. Some would not have been touched for years; decades even, and were full of harmful bacteria — listeria in the fridge, grime everywhere. There were people with permanent coughs, skin infections. On the whole, the people living in these houses had built up immunity to the bacteria, but it was very dangerous for anyone visiting. We had a microbiologist with us on site who warned us that we should all be wearing masks. After cleaning one house — it was filled with junk brought home from a landfill — we were all ill and on antibiotics.”

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