Starting Your Spring Cleaning in the Kitchen

The best part about about spring is having a fresh start after a cold winter season. Here are tips on how to start your spring cleaning.

According to an article at, “Spring Cleaning Tips”

Fresh Start: Clean Out the Refrigerator

The arrival of a new season is a good signal to clean out stored food in refrigerator and pantry. As farmers’ markets and roadside stands open to offer fresh food for the new season, create a good home by cleaning out the remains of winter.

Make a quick check of expiration dates of food stored in refrigerator or pantry, and toss expired foodstuffs.

Look sharp for the last survivors of holiday gift baskets! If you haven’t eaten the smoked salmon spread or served the Texas Hot Chili Mix by now, donate these treats to the food bank, so they’re enjoyed by others.

Give vegetable storage areas special attention. Bearded carrots, limp celery and shriveled onions can be tossed into a crockery slow-cooker overnight to make vegetable stock–or consign these items to the compost bin. Be ready to store Spring’s bounty in a clean and roomy vegetable crisper!” To read the entire article click here.

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