Not Sure How to Determine Residential Cleaning Service Rates?

Have you made the decision that your household requires a cleaning service? When you start to search for a professional cleaning service, here are tips on how to determine the cost for a cleaning service.

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Sometimes it’s necessary to use a house cleaning service. Whether your lifestyle is too busy to allow you to clean as regularly as you’d like, you want to clean for a special occasion, or you’re getting ready to move, a professional could be just the thing you need. However, professional house cleaning services can also get expensive. While they’re often worth the price, it’s important to know in advance how much you’ll end up paying for your service. Here’s a rough guide to house cleaning rates, depending on what you need cleaned and how often.


Every house or apartment is different, so you’ll find that your house cleaning prices will be based on a number of things. These include how big your home is, whether you’re having it cleaned just once or on a regular basis, how often regular cleaning will occur, how many people live there, the number of bathrooms and the number of pets, and similar factors.” To read the entire article click here.

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