Need to Find a House Cleaning Service You Can Trust in Reno?

Need to Find a House Cleaning Service You Can Trust in Reno?

Those dust bunnies are just going to disappear on their own. Wouldn’t it be nice to come home to a professionally cleaned home? Here are tips  on how to find a reputable house cleaning service you can trust.

mom cleaningAccording to an article at, “Does Your Home Need a Cleaning Service?”

“Follow the steps below to ensure hiring a cleaning service goes smoothly.

1. Interview several cleaning services before choosing one.
Before hiring a cleaning service, interview several companies or cleaning people.

Ask for references and check them. After all, these people will be spending time in your home and you must be comfortable with them. Trust is very important since the cleaning person or team will have access to your entire house.

2. Ask who will supply the cleaning equipment.
It is common for your house cleaning person or team to arrive at your home equipped with all the necessary supplies for the job such as cleaning solvents, brushes, brooms and vacuums. In some cases, a cleaning service will request to use the homeowner’s supplies.

If someone in your household has allergies, consult your cleaning service to discuss specific products that may be beneficial.

3. Designate areas to be cleaned.
It’s a good idea to spend a few minutes to note which areas of your home will be included in your scheduled cleaning. If it is important to have different areas given special attention each time, make sure you find a cleaning service that accepts your requests and, prior to each visit, be sure to leave a list of problem areas.” To read the entire article click here.

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