How to Declutter under the Kitchen Sink

Is April the month to organize your home? Is there chaos under your kitchen sink? Let’s take a look at tips to declutter under the kitchen sink.

According to an article at, “Organization Tips”

  1. house cleaning 4“Suspend Spray Bottles since my goal is to have every possible cleaning product in a pretty spray bottle, this tip from Martha Stewart is gold.
  2. Hardworking Susan Real Simple reminds us that having to move a 23 things to find the one we want is really annoying. A Lazy Susan makes everything accessible.
  3. Grommets Ahoy I’ve had this gem from Martha Stewart in my Organized Inspiration Binder for years. Someday I’ll do it.
  4. Light It Up Better Homes & Gardens suggests adding stick-on lights under your bathroom sink — genius!
  5. Pretty It Up This photo is from Real Simple but the advice is mine: if you put your supplies in attractive containers, you’ll be more likely to keep them nice and neat.
  6. Pull Out IHeart Organizing has these great contact paper-lined pullout drawers under her sink — so much more dignified than rooting around on your hands and knees.” To read the entire article click here.

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