How Healthy are the Cleaning Products in Your Home in Sparks Nevada

Is your home full of toxic cleaning chemicals? Learn about the importance of clearing your home of toxic cleaning products and switching to green cleaning products.

green planetAccording to an article at, “Having an Eco-Friendly Home”

“Much has been reported lately about the Valley’s bad air quality and the effects on our health. But an Environmental Protection Agency study found that the toxic chemicals in household cleaners are 3 times more likely to cause cancer than outdoor air. One local company is trying to change that, one house at a time.

If the cabinet under your sink is filled with cleaning chemicals, Rebecca Stafford says you might want to clean house: “All of the chemicals that we use add up. And a lot of families are looking for ways to decrease those chemicals.” The Fresno mom started her cleaning business “” to work her way through college, but then she started feeling the effects, “With migraines, vertigo, and nausea and all these strange symptoms. Turns out those traditional chemicals soak in through your skin, and stored in your fat cells.” To read the entire article click here.

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