Don’t You Want to Come Home to a Clean House After a Long Day of Work?

Don’t You Want to Come Home to a Clean House After a Long Day of Work?

Do you feel over worked between work and running a household? Learn common reasons why many women hire a residential cleaning service.

house cleaningAccording to an article at, “Why Every Women Needs a Cleaning Service

“Can you relate to the “I Can Do It Myself” way of thinking?  Here are the reasons why I now do not do my own house cleaning:

  • I am a very busy woman and my time is valuable
  • I have other things much more important to get done that I enjoy doing more than cleaning house
  • Cleaning house is very hard work and I am allergic to hard work
  • When I need extra house cleaning done, I don’t have to try to fit it into my schedule – I just call on Maid in the Northwest House Cleaning Service
  • I am a perfectionist.  When cleaning my own house it takes much longer because I can’t stop myself from getting out the toothbrush and magnifier!!!  So…..I tend to put house cleaning off until I “have more time”!
  • I get things “organized” before the housecleaner(s) come so I tend to keep my house more orderly.
  • Saving the best for last:  It MAKES ME VERY HAPPY to come home to a clean house from a long day of work.
  • There really is not anything better than having a clean home.  It is relaxing, refreshing, reduces my stress and makes my week so much more enjoyable.  I can take a hot bath in my clean tub and crawl into my freshly washed sheets because the cleaner has made my bed.
  • How about coming home to a clean bathtub?  Fill it up, light a few candles, and enjoy!  An evening at your home spa!”

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