Are You To Busy to Clean Your House in Reno

Who really has the time to clean their home nowadays? Parents have busy hectic schedules the last thing on a parents to-do-list is to clean the house. Help is on the way for parents in the Reno & Sparks area.  

According to an article at, “Homemakers and Cleaning”

“There’s an old saying – A person doesn’t buy a drill because they want a drill. They buy the drill because they want a hole. The same is true for vacuum cleaners. A person only buys a vacuum cleaner because they want their home to be clean. They care about getting rid of dirt and airborne irritants – even if they’re too small to be seen. The measure of a vacuum cleaner is the quality of “clean” it delivers.

Not that long ago, most women still worked at home as full-time homemakers. Cleaning was hard work. Today’s fast-paced reality is very different. Most people are not willing to work that hard on housework. We have other priorities and demands on our time.

Sure, we still want a clean home, but without such time-consuming drudgery.

Our Expectations for Air Quality are Higher than they Used to be

It’s not just the dirt you see that needs to be eliminated. Old-fashioned vacuums sucked up the dirt, but stirred it up as well. Those airborne particles interfered with breathing or settled elsewhere. Also, the cloth or paper bags got saturated with dust, so equipment wouldn’t function efficiently.”

Is your life to hectic, need the assistance of house cleaning service in Reno? White Lotus is here to help contact our office at for a free estimate and see how we can make your life a little less hectic.