Allergy Proof Your Home with a Good Reno House Cleaning Service

Are you having a hard time keeping your home clean form allergens?  Here are tips on how to allergy proof your home.

green planetAccording to an article at, “Do You Suffer From Allergies”

“With hay fever season just around the corner, many allergy sufferers are going to be looking for relief. If you’d like to avoid the itchy eyes and runny noses, here are eight tips to keep allergens out of your house this fall.

Pull Up the Carpets

Allergens like pollen are heavier than air, so they sink pretty quickly once they get into your home. Carpets can become a trap for these allergens, which get released back into the air when you walk by or vacuum. To cut back on itchy eyes and runny noses, it’s a good idea to replace carpets with hardwood floors or linoleum, which will allow you to scrub the spores away much more easily.

Clean Those Drapes

Like carpets, drapes are also a magnet for allergens. If your drapes are machine-washable, make sure to give them a rinse on a regular basis. Or better yet, ditch them altogether and replace them with blinds or shades.” To read the entire article click here.

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