4 Reasons Why Spring Cleaning Will Benefit You

4 Reasons Why Spring Cleaning Will Benefit You

Are you not feeling productive in your own home? Have you considered that its time to spring clean the house? Learn about the health benefits associated with spring cleaning in the home.

clean house 2According to an article at californiaclosets.com, “Why Every Household Should Spring Clean”

“1. Experience less stress, better health. Clutter is stressful. When you’ve got too much disorganized stuff – either out in the open or hidden away – it weighs on your mind. And chronic stress contributes to heart disease, digestive problems and depression. But when your space is organized, you can relax!

2. Get creative. Aren’t you tired of the same layout and design in certain rooms of your house? Here’s your chance to do some redecorating and redesigning. Move pictures and vases, change the angle of the couch, or repaint the walls with some new colors. Have fun while you reorganize your space and freshen it up!

3. Feel good by doing good. When you declutter, you’ll be able to get rid of items that you don’t need or use anymore, and help others in the process. For example, when you donate clothes or household items to Goodwill, you help them offer items at low prices for their shoppers. Those sales help finance Goodwill’s job training programs. It’s a win-win!

4. Get a fresh start. Most of your belongings have some kind of emotion attached to them. In fact, in a recent survey we conducted, 53% of women considered themselves “sentimentalists” who had a hard time getting rid of anything from concert tickets and kids’ art projects to favorite outfits. But holding on to old stuff that doesn’t serve you anymore creates stagnation. Breathe new energy into your home or office by getting rid of items that no longer fit your life as it is today.” To read the entire article click here.

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