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White Lotus is a locally-owned and operated business. We service both the Reno and Sparks areas. We pride ourselves on providing affordable prices while maintaining our responsibility to your home and to our employees by keeping the service prices in balance with overhead costs.

The customer is valued at White Lotus and you will be pleased to find that our prices are competitive for trustworthy and reliable service. Our employees are fully insured for both liability and worker injury. This is a very important feature for renters and homeowners who allow service workers on their property.

White Lotus has remained the area’s number one choice since 1991. Shouldn’t we be your choice?

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Hiring a House Cleaning Service for Spring Cleaning is a Wise Choice

Not sure, how to handle or where to begin with spring cleaning? Getting through a successful spring cleaning starts with preparation. Learn how the best choice you can make is hiring a cleaning service for this year’s spring cleaning.

clean house 2According to an article at, “Hiring a Cleaning Service Will Save You Time and Money”

“If you think hiring a cleaning service is a luxury only reserved for the spoiled and wealthy, listen up. We did some digging and it turns out, getting a cleaning service might be less expensive than you think. So put down that mop! Here’s how to find out if getting a professional clean is the best deal for you + how to get the most value from your clean.

How can we know if it’s worth it to hire a professional cleaning service?

Hiring a cleaning service can actually help yousave money. Learnvest has a great calculator called what’s-your- time-worth which lets you crunch the numbers and figure out exactly what your time is worth. If you look at how much time you spend cleaning and your hourly work wage, you can calculate the cost of cleaning your home yourself. Compare that to the cost of hiring a cleaning service, and you may find that you’re costing yourself more money by attempting to clean your home! This is especially true for people who are self-employed and could be working instead of cleaning.” To read the entire article click here.

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